Tom Erlandson Overview Park

Quick Facts:

Location: 465 Oak Hill Road, Frewsburg NY 14738
Hours:  May-November, 8:30am – dusk
Facilities: Picnic tables, grills, pit toilets, water
Trails: 1.2 mile hillside loop, light blue blazes & wooden signs
Notable: 2nd highest point in the County, spectacular view
Fee:  nope
Dogs:  pets are to be on leash, BYO cleanup bags

The Full Scoop:
Park SignThe Tom Erlandson Overview Park is located on Oak Hill Road in the Town of Carroll outside of the Village of Frewsburg.  The County’s official website offers a map which you can view by clicking here:  Park Map.  If you prefer Topozone, click the map below:

  Erlandson Topo

For those of you with GPS Units, you can plug in 42° 2.78’N, 79° 5.42’W (NAD27) to find the park.  Geocachers note:  there is more than one cache at this site.

Sitting at an elevation of approximately 2,040 feet (second highest in the county), this 76-acre site offers a spectacular view of the surrounding hillsides and of Chautauqua Lake if you happen to visit on a clear day.

The park offers a covered picnic pavilion, pit toilets, potable water, and two viewing platforms.

Picnic Pavilion


Viewing Platform
A very well-groomed 1.2-mile trail winds its way through the woods on the hillside below the picnic facility.  The trail is marked with light blue blazes.  At points where the trail crosses a maintenance road and you have options as to which way to go, wooden signs help keep you from getting off the trail.  Footbridges keep your feet dry over small creeks.  Benches are available at several spots along the trail if you need a rest.

Lakeview Trail SignWide Trails with Light Blue Blazes

Foot Bridges Benches

Trail Signs Lakeview Picnic Area

Visitor RegistrationPark Etiquette
This park is provided to visitors free of charge.  It takes money to maintain such beautiful facilities.  Be respectful of that and take care of the park as you would your own property.  There is a donation box, if you should feel so inclined.

Visitor Registers are found at many parks.  Always sign them.  The agencies that provide the facilities often need to show funders that the parks are well-used in order to continue to receive funding.

The trails at this park are intended for foot travel and mountain bikes only.  Horses and ATVs are not allowed.

No HorsesNo ATVs

Park HoursPark Hours
Although the official park hours are posted as May through November, 8:30am till dusk, I found this hiking journal entry at Evergreen Outfitters:  February 11, 2007.  They didn’t say whether the gate was open, the road plowed, or the toilets unlocked.  <smile>  I’m guessing the road is clear in winter, since there is a communications tower on the same hill.  Guess I’ll have to go back in winter to see for myself!

The park is dedicated as a memorial to workers of Chautauqua County who were killed while on the job.  A plaque near the pavilion encourages us to continue to fight for safe work places.

The park is named in honor of Tom Erlandson, a long-time resident of Chautauqua County, college professor, public servant, author, and past member of the Parks Commission who foolishly moved to Arizona, saw the error of his ways, and is now living happily in Frewsburg, not a five minute drive from the park.